Tuesday, January 13, 2009

People vs. Potholes

So what do we mean when we (Democrats in the Idaho Legislature) say, "people versus potholes"? Simply stated, we mean that in a time economic downturn it doesn't make sense to us to raise taxes on already hurting Idahoans to build roads while cutting critical services like education and professional technical programs.

Oh, but Senate Transportation Committee Chairman John McGee says, "People AND Potholes" so maybe there isn't any conflict. Well, lets consider his reasoning. According to Mcgee, potholes represents job creation. He is right it does, but not for Idahoans. You see, Idahoans aren't required to get the contracts for road jobs and there is quite a bit of very recent precedent to suggest they won't. I for one don't want to advocate for a tax increase on my constituents so that we can employ people that aren't going to help stimulate our economy.

Let's not miss something. Do roads need improving? Yes, yes, and yes. Unfortunately, as I stated above, without any certainties that Idahoans would be employed, this isn't the BEST use of or money. Idahoans will see more benefit and for a longer period by building up the workforce (more on this later). We need to stop looking at the short-term and start thinking about future.


cookie kauii said...

Thanks for keeping up this blog. I appreciate it!

-Dist 18 resident

G.S. Avenger said...

Chapter 10 Title 44 of Idaho Code requires that 90% of the workers on public works project be Idaho residents. You should remember this one because of last year's vote in the Idaho Legislature to exempt the the state house renovation fiasco from this law.

What I and a lot of independent minded Idahoans want to hear from your side of the aisle are the additional budget cuts or tax increases that Dems are willing to support to spare education and social programs from the current budget crisis. I've seen the numbers and you could eliminate every state agency and constitutional office and still not have enough money to spare education and social programs from cuts.

See That Crazy Family said...

Thank you for your attention to the education of our children. Even in a recession, we need to be educated people.