Friday, June 11, 2010

Question for the Governor

Today the Idaho House Majority Leadership team tried to pin Keith Allred down on his position regarding Idaho's so-called "right-to-work" law. The group says that Allred should state his position on the issue so that he can, "come clean with Idaho voters." The GOP leaders conclude that either Allred isn't really as independent as he claims or he is a DINO.

To start off with, unlike the recent form of the majority party in Idaho, Democrats don't kick people out just because they don't conform on every issue. I don't know Keith's position on every issue, but I don't have to. I know that is probably hard for Moyle and company to understand, but that is why Democrats are known as the Big Tent party. We accept people within our party because our differences make us stronger. We are not bent on some sort of ideological purity crusade. Which, by the way, is also why many moderate Republicans in Idaho are realizing that they aren't welcome in the own party and heading in droves to support Idaho Democrats like Keith Allred.

So, now I have a question for Governor Otter so he can "come clean with Idaho voters." My question is, "Mr. Otter do think that we should abolish the Federal Reserve and return to the Gold Standard as the Idaho GOP Platform plainly advocates?" Based upon the logic of Denney et al in their attempt to discredit Allred, I am assuming the answer must be yes because otherwise they wouldn't be supporting Governor Otter.

In the words of the Majority Leadership, Otter must own up to his opposition to repealing the the Federal Reserve and returning to the Gold Standard and face the consequences from the fringe elements of the majority party, or state openly that he opposes the Federal Reserve and wishes to return to the Gold Standard and drop the charade of being a "A Man for Our Times." That is, of course, unless the time that Otter is speaking about is 1933, which isn't the vision for a prosperous Idaho future.


Anonymous said...

Brandon- I like your analogy. Thanks for reminding us that many former staunch Republicans are attracted to the Democrat party because of the extreme views of the R majority. Their view that collecting all taxes owed is actually a tax increase (they resisted joining the Streamlined Sales Tax Project) is ridiculous. However, be aware that the D's in Idaho MUST distance themselves from the EXTREME liberals in DC, Obama, et al.

Anonymous said...

The GOP in Idaho no longer represents anything that looks like fairness or considers the future.
They only represent likeminded, aka., closeminded people.
Mr. Durst, you need to continue your quest of representing citizens,unlike the GOP that represents a Party.